Skatebord = Sledge

Nothing big today, hand in thing today, got a 5 on life drawing and a 5 on colors. That is really good! The 2 other grades do I get on Thursday.

Other things, Tonje had here skateboard with here, so me and Karoline dragged here around college on it! And I started my journey to learn how to stand on it. I went from not being able to stand on it for more than 5 seconds, to kind of using it as a really noob. I am really proud!

Karoline walking with Tonje.

Me walking with Tonje, and one of the times she fell of.

And yes, people were smiling at us around the college. But who cares? We had fun!


Suzu x x

Clothes Show LIVE - Birmingham

Woke up at 07:16, was just about to go back to sleep, when I remembered that I had to be at the college by 07:50. So I jumped out of bed, into some cloths, and out the door, and made it just in time for the bus at the college! 3 hours sleep in the buss from Taunton to Birmingham. There?s little to say, it was like a fashion con, stands that sold fashion related stuff, and a main show. Fun - yes, a lot to do - no, a lot of interesting thing in my eyes - neh. But glad I went, the show was AMASSING, with the dancing, the people and some of the clothing was good to.

The location, looked really weird. But this was not the main entrance, more like a back door.

A D.J. group preforming before the fashion show

Dancers at the show

More dancing

Bikinis, for him and her

Even more dansing

And the ending

Yummy! (But a little sugary... strawberry next time)

The sun was setting as we left

This is EVERYTHING I bought at the show! Mainly cause the trip to Bath took all my money. I was in Bath at Saturday; you will never know how that went! Mohahaha!


Suzu x x

Just a Quick One

yeah... often.. nopp.. i have a reason, and its not a stick. when i was in norway, i forgot my adapter... and when i got two new ones, one of them stopt working within an hour, and the other one got killed by the rain... so i whent to the shop to get a new one, this time i got the wrong one... but now i have one that is working and the right one! third time is the best! so what did i do saturday? i was in town with Tonje, and later on Karoline. we didnt do anything special, exept me and Tonje bought a tree! some realy bad pictures taken with my mac (when i got home) of the stuff i got.

the beautifull tree with light on in a dark-ich room.

tree in a light room.

the picture on the box of the tree (since the photos above is... not good..)

baloons from caff nero! we had helium voises at neros <3

i had somthing new to do! 14 hour of movie!


suzu x x

(ps sorry for BAD english.. dont feel like doing all the editing.. )

I haz Friends

PINGU Tonje :

KITTY soft paws Karoline :

MIYAKO Marie :


(Some photos at the end!)

YES, I have been absent from this blogg some time now! Why? I got distracted by a.. a .. Stick!

Well not quit true. I was on a secret visit to Norway, and could not tell a soul = no blogging. "But Suzu, were you in Norway for this long?" No I was not. Thats were the stick comes in to play. Anyhow! I am back.

So how was Norway you ask? COLD!! And nice too. It takes about a day to travel from Taunton to Stavanger, so the first day I sat on a train, bus, airport, air plain, and car. THE SECOND DAY, I overslept.. I was supposed to meeting up with some friends at the collage they go to.. So I spent some time with my mom, and them with my grandparents (I am such a good girl!). Next day I went to MY collage to meet my old classmates, and they did not know I was coming, = HILARIOUS! I just stood in the door and watched one after one react on seeing me in the door. When they had calmed some down, I went inn and took a seat in the back, it WAS math.. But the people around me did simply not do any math.

AND THEN CAME THE WEEKEND. Witch started with me meeting a friend in town, to go get some movies for the night (horror.. poor me). BUT we went to my place for me to grab my stuff for the night, and some complications (me being the forgetful me) before we ended up at Miyakos ( ) place. Were we baked a cake witch ended up as cake-frosting-mix bolls and pizza spin-thingy. When there were a few minutes till the other 2 people arrived, I was placed in the sofa with a blanked over me (yay..) and half hour later then came in the dark room and saw a person sitting in the sofa. My friends not being afraid at all walked right towards me and put a plastic bag filled with 1,5 L soda on my lap!! But I did not make a sound. Miyako asked them who they thought was under the blanked, and one of them replay with a playful tone "Is it Suzu you have brought home from England?" and then I took of the planked, and they BOTH jumped back a few step of surprise! And then it was like a normal movie night, yay!

The day after was a B-day! soo we met at the cinema to watch looper, and then we went to her place to eat. It was so cozy, and I almost got a heart attack! I went to the bathroom, and outside they gathered around the door, so when I opened the door, totally not in this world, and they all made an khkhkhh-sound - I screamed, jumped back and ended up siting on the floor with breath problems.. Yay..

And then it was time to go home to my house, to pack and sleep, and on the plane next day.

Me waking up an hour too early, so why not use all the time on my hair! (I did not use all the time)

Some small technologic problems.. I was apparently not me.. But the box next to it recognized me! (Yay!)

Huge place with little inside (terminal 5A)

The sun was setting when we FINELY took off.

Stavanger in the evning, i have never seen it like this, it was so magical!

Stavanger weved from one of the bus stops.

We played MAD monopol, the point is to lose ALL the money, i wone.. (Yay?)

And thats kind of what i was doing during half turm.. i miss norway, but not in a i-want-to-go-home-way, more like a i-have-so-many-plans-so-i-am-kind-of-looking-forward-to-moving-back-to-norway-again-way. we all get that one RIIIIGHT?! well off to bed now, its late. and collage tomorrow!


Suzu x x

Miss Horse Riding..

AAAH!! Lately horses has been a subject of mine.. AND I MISS THEM! I have not been close to a horse in 2 (maybe 3) years! I am so hoping that our Norwegian group is going horse riding this year, so I can check if I still know how to ride a horse or not. I just hope its not going to be like us sitting on a horse, while a person is holding it.. So I am hoping for one for "advance" riders, and one for "beginners". Or another genius way for both parts to have fun!

This will not make sense if you do not know the little fact that I REALLY like(d) horses.. Or you might be smart enough to realize that.

This is one of my favourite;
Quarter Horse (American)

This is not my photo!

And i am not going to show

100 000 photos of horses,

you have google for that!


Suzu x x

Im So Slow!

this is a monday, and i have bloged about saturday.. im soo slow with this!! karoline and tonje, they also blog, have it out waayy befor me! karoline has te same night, and tonje the morning-ich after.. me i have daaayyyss later.. like i said i was going to blog about my fine art project.. yeaahh.. i need some more pictures and the stuff is at collage.. Oh well! im being my self!


Suzu x x

A day in London

Yesterday started at 5 o?clock.. My alarm went of 5 times before I got out of bed. And why did I wake up at 5? Today was the day we were going to London!

Outside my house stood Karoline( ), waiting for me. And we walked to the bus station 6 in the morning; it was pitch black around us! Still a little creep out of the darkness, we kept on going, and a half hour later, we arrive at the bus station! Where we meet Tonje ( ), that tells us she got a lift from her mother..

The buss was 100% full, so we had to sit on different places but we could still talk together, we all fell asleep within a quarter-ich time (so much for being able to talk to one another). Event thou we slept most of the time, the bus took FOREVER!

(This is starting to get really long?.)

London was busy as always. And the first Saturday in half term.. Not a smart move! But even then, the lines in the shops were okay. We went by Tokyo Toys, Gap, some other shops, and some other shops. Memory is a nice thing!

And on the end of the day, they closed Piccadilly Circus Station.. Yay.. so instead of eating there, we went 2 hours earlier to the bus terminal. WOHOO! But by that we got good seats on the bus.

We talked, laugh and hade fun (the other passengers must been irritated) before we kind of fell asleep (I played on my iphone.. )

So dark!

So crowded!

So big!

So awesome!

So beautifull!

So fast!

So slow!

So happy!

So fild up!

A stunning day!


Suzu x x

Delete - pretend nothing happened

GAAAAHHHH!!! Its tooo long since last weekend.. So I pretend that the carnival , an the walk didn?t happened!


MONDAY! Nothing..

TUESDAY! Cocking with Hannah!

Yes, Tonje and me got invited to Hannah?s place for some food. Hannah was going to make some German food thing, but Tonje dose not like mushroom, so it ended up been a Chinese dish.

Look, Tonje is helping!

This is the final look.. Not quit how it was supposed to look like, but the taste was good. And yes that is Tinkerbelle food bricks in the background, they were lovely.

THANK YOU HANNAH for a lovely meal!


Suzu x x

Last Friday Night - Film Night

Yay! A Friday! And I was lucky enough to be invited to Linn?s house to see some films ( I sound like I?m never out..). But it was so fun!

I started the day as a normal Friday morning, with Norwegian lessons, and I had an presentation.. About *drumroll* Middle Ages literature! That went not so good.. I was rushing my words and talking about nonsense, but out teacher used my presentation as an example on some of the topics later on, so I must have said something good.

For some reason our history teacher was not coming this day, so we were having an extremely long break, from half past 11 to 2 o?clock.. So me and Tonje ( ) went by our classroom to say hi to Rhi and Emma, and others that was there! The point of our visit, was to work, did we work? Noooo..

Math was nothing, we talked about Norway, and after class I went and did some work while waiting for Tonje to go home and get packed to go to my place.

While working, Hannah asked me if I would follow here inn to town and eat at McDonalds, I said yes! And Tonje joined us when she came to town.

Then Hannah had to catch here buss (the busses stops going around 6 or 7 here..) followed with me and Tonje going to dominos to get pizza and meet up with Linn, Nina and Karoline ( ).

It was so cute at Linn?s house! With dragons and cats! And a nice big TV for watching films on. We saw ?Guess who? and ?Taken?, Guess who was not the best, more of an disappointment, but you might like it. Taken was good! I thought it was a really bad film, but not at all!

And then the time to go home came, we walked in a group of 4, then Nina had here own way home. We were a tini tiny bitt over tired.. Just a bitt..

So at home, a single bed awaited me and Tonje.. Yeas, a SINGLE bed for 2 people, we managed, some how, it thought.


Suzu x x

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